Yedi Mavi, a unique exotic project in Istanbul

It’s one of the most exciting projects in years in Istanbul. On the Zeytinburnu Shore, this is a new hotspot location to live. Sea and sky...How far can you see?

Yedi Mavi, a unique exotic project in Istanbul
Sea and sky, how far can you see?

The remarkable architecture of the project Yedi Mavi is not just beautiful but also cleverly functional built. What about the distance between the buildings? Each complex is positioned 95 metres from each other. This width offers you spacious views and most with sea view, from different angles in each room. Also to give your apartment a luxurious appearance, they build glass walls instead of concrete. These unique glass walls will give you the spectacular views you are looking for.

To meet people’s modern standards, Yedi Mavi blocks are open and green, enjoying the good life. Even when you would like a private garden, a duplex apartment with garden is available. It’s all glass wall build, with green parks, exclusive gyms and open air-swimming pools and spa.

The project consists of seven separate blocks of high end apartments. Right now there a several type apartments still available, from 1+1 ( 70m2) up till 5+1 apartments(259m2).

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